Trail of the Elephants

Melbourne Zoo · 2003

The multi award winning design of Trail of the Elephants focuses upon developing empathy with the animals and their environment by communicating how similar humans and animal are, how important habitat is to preserving species diversity and how human culture is integral to conservation of the earth’s resources. This has been one of the zoo’s largest projects undertaken, with design committed to conservation and education, and the link to the continuing preservation of elephant habitat in South East Asia. Major facilities include two elephant barns, a village community hut, and a village area with eating venues and a gift shop, and finally a learning centre facility. This is all located within an extensively landscaped area where the visitor experience is located within the elephants habitat, here the trail winds’ its way between the three elephant paddocks. The design was developed in conjunction with Jones & Jones Landscape Architects, Seattle.

AILA 2003 Landscape Architecture Award – Open Space and Recreational Facilities
‘Clearly the Trail succeeds at all levels, providing exceptional elephant habitat, cultural and habitat immersion for visitors, engaging educational interpretation and a world-class experience.’
The National Award for Excellence for Heritage Interpretation, 2003 – awarded by the Interpretation Australia Association.