The Practice

Green & Dale Associates, Landscape Architects and Environmental Planners is a Design Office known for its excellence in Landscape Architecture / Urban Design and its interpretation of natural and cultural places. A key philosophy is a respect and celebration of the nature and culture of places.

Green & Dale Associates are committed to engage in a collaborative work environment with the client and community, where an understanding of the specific requirements, constraints and opportunities of each project is explored. This process of considering client and community needs ensures a greater acceptance and ownership of living places. This has been applied across a diverse range of projects both in Australia and overseas, including Singapore, Cambodia, China and Indonesia.

The Practice’s unique expertise in environmental design and planning has created an exciting ‘niche’ in the design of Zoological and Botanic Gardens. Our briefs call for a detailed appreciation of the ‘visitor experience’ to connect people emotionally to the ‘spirit’ of place and understand the interconnectedness of all living things. Critical is the need to maintain and conserve healthy eco-systems for our fellow companions, both in the exhibits and their natural habitats.


GDA are a team of landscape architects who bring their collective skills and expertise to all design and work collaboratively with clients: design should provide innovative and unifying solutions.

Founder of Green & Dale Associates, Stuart Green, landscape architect and environmental planner (AAILA Registered LA, Bachelor of Arts (Univ. of Manchester), Post Graduate Landscape Architecture (Univ. of Edinburgh) has extensive experience in urban design, streetscape design and townscape studies. Specialist skills are provided in cultural spaces, interpretation, environmental planning and design of parks. A specialist skill in the design of wildlife parks, zoo exhibits and master planning with a strong commitment to environmental conservation of wild places.