Great Southern Ocean

Taronga Zoo/ Jackson Teece Architects

Sydney NSW · 2003

Green and Dale Associates, in association with Jackson Teece Chesterman Willis Architects, at Taronga Zoo, Sydney. The experience offers visitors an opportunity to connect the variety of animals with their habitats. The exhibit is a chance to encounter the Australian animals, birds and sea creatures that inhabit the coastal fringe. The key objective for the Great Southern Ocean is to help visitors understand our relationship to the ocean, coastline and the animals we share them with. The Great Southern Ocean project received the Exhibit Design Award by ARAZPA in 2009.

Key features
• Australian Beach Culture – Shoreline beach with wave pools
• The Seal Theatre Program and the Leopard Seal / Penguin Underwater Viewing Theatre
• Heathland Aviary with a large diversity of bird species plants and pelican beach
• The Australian Fur Seals and Sea Lions show the differences between eared and earless species.
• A series of pools show their ability to move both on the land and in the water

Green and Dale Associates provided exhibit and landscape design, in association with the project architects Jackson Teece Chesterman Willis, at Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

Great Southern Ocean, Zoo Exhibit
Great Southern Ocean Visitor Experience
Great Southern Ocean Seal Exhibit