Asian Forest Experience

Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Dubbo Zoo · 2014

This project presented the great challenge of creating a rainforest habitat in an essentially dry Australian Landscape. A Drier type of Asian landscape can be created, such as the grassy woodlands seen in the lowland savanna-like deciduous dipterocarp forests of South-East Asia, which consist of seasonal wetlands, semi-evergreen forests and grasslands.

The opportunity existed for an exciting and adventurous walk for visitors, in a central destination of the Zoo where the visitor can park their cars and embark on a dense canopy rainforest walk, on a one way system that introduces the animals of the rainforest and brings them back to their starting point. A number of gathering spaces with interpretation are provided using the concept of small village areas, where the visitors can learn about how the forests and animals face the threat of Palm Oil Plantations and deforestation, and this can provide the opportunity for a ‘behavior change activity’.

A key objective is for visitors to ENGAGE in this experience and learn the importance of habitat conservation and the wonders of the Asian rainforest landscape.

Asian Forest Experience Village Concept
Asian Forest Experience Rafting Concept